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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is an Audi service?

Vasstechnik interval services start from £139 and Inspection services start from £199 depending on what engine you have.

How often should brake fluid be changed?

Brake fluid should be changed every 2 years.

Can tuning/remapping give me better M.P.G?

Yes. Depending on the vehicle and “economy tune” can give you an extra 3-6mpg on average.

Do you offer a collection and delivery service?

Yes. We can collect and deliver your car from your home or place of work, We also offer a free courtesy car if required.

How much does tuning/remapping cost?

Our stage 1 remap starts at £299

When should I change my timing belt?

It depends on what engine you have, you can check your vehicle’s handbook for intervals or give us a call and we can tell you when it is due.

Will tuning/remapping damage my engine?

If it is done by a professional tuning will not cause any damage to your engine or turbo – it will only unlock its full performance potential.

How much more BHP will a stage 1 remap give me?

This depends on the make and model of your vehicle. you can look up what gains your vehicle can get on our database at our VAG car tuning page.

When should I change my DSG oil?

We recommend you should have your DSG serviced every 38000 miles this prevents premature failure/wear to your gearbox.

Do you use genuine parts?

Yes. We use genuine V.A.G parts for all our servicing and timing belts.