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Car Tuning Services in Sussex

Vasstechnik specialises in providing a wide range of bespoke, highly specialised car tuning services in Sussex. We strive to provide car enthusiasts throughout the area with an exceptional level of service that leaves your vehicle performing at its maximum potential.

Our team is passionate about cars and engines, and are committed to using this passion to help you achieve the highest level of performance possible for your vehicle. We pride ourselves on using state-of-the-art, industry-leading technology and equipment in all areas of our services, promising the best resulsts every time. We are also proud authorised dealers for SA Tuning, giving you peace of mind that we only use the best for your car.

Our team is highly experienced in all areas of vehicle tuning. We treat every car like our own, completing every tuning project with exceptional care and attention to detail to ensure the best results for every client. No matter the scale of your needs, our experts will use their skills and knowledge to provide you with the results you are looking to achieve.

Whether you are looking to improve your fuel economy or the overall performance of your engine, the specialist technicians at Vasstechnik will help you get the most out of your car. Get in touch with us today on 01323 438754 or at service@vasstechnik.co.uk to discuss how we can help you fine-tune your engine.

Engine ECU Remapping in Sussex

Our specialist ECU remapping service is designed to help you get the best possible performance from your engine. Our highly skilled technicians will work with you to understand what is most important to you with your remap, and will use the latest specialist equipment and techniques to deliver the results you want.

What is the Engine Control Unit (ECU)?

All modern vehicles have ECU. It contains a processor that receives and analyses information from various sensors throughout the engine. It then uses this information to add the right amount of fuel at the right time, providing a good mix of fuel economy, performance, and emission control.

What is ECU Remapping?

An ECU remap takes a reading from the standard map found on the ECU processor and adjusts the various parameters within this map to get maximum performance from the engine. It is a safe process designed to fine-tune the engine, allowing it to perform as it should while also reducing fuel consumption.

How Does Our ECU Remapping Service Work?

Our team will not make any changes to the hardware of your vehicle. Instead, we will simply modify the operating parameters in the ECU program. In most cases, the map stored in the ECU processor can be accessed via the OBD port. Some newer models will require our technicians to remove the ECU, open the casing, and use specialist tools to read the map directly from the processor.

Our technicians will then provide our map writing team with the original map, who will make the necessary adjustments to help you maximise performance and fuel economy. We also keep a backup copy of the original ECU map, should you ever wish to restore your vehicle’s ECU to its default settings.

OBD Remapping

OBD remapping is an efficient, non-intrusive tuning method that yields exceptional results without needing to open the bonnet. We connect our remapping equipment to the vehicle’s OBD port, allowing us to connect directly to and remap the ECU.

EGR Removal

Vasstechnik offers an advanced EGR removal solution, using the best software to disable the EGR valve and improve the efficiency of your engine. EGR is a widely adopted way to reduce NOx emissions. It works by sending a small part of inactive gas exhaust back into a vehicle’s cylinders, ejecting negligible toxins into the environment. This reduces the heat of combustion, as well as overall vehicle emissions of your car.

While reduced emissions are the main benefit of an EGR, it also results in the constant recirculation of exhaust fumes and carbon deposits through the engine. This can lead to a build-up of carbon deposits over time and may result in the failure of the EGR system.

At Vasstechnik, we can remove the EGR system by Blanking off the exhaust input and reprogramming the engine management ECU. This removal will result in lower engine temperatures, better throttle response, improved economy, better performance, and a longer overall engine lifespan.

BDM Tuning

While the most efficient method, OBD remapping is not always possible. In these situations, our team will use an alternative method to access the Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory (EEPROM) chip in the ECU. One of these methods is the Backdoor Module (BDM), which involves the use of a specially designed engineering jig to connect directly to the ECU circuit board. This requires the removal of the ECU to ensure it is tuned in a clean, static-free environment.

DPF Removal

Our experts can also carry out a professional DPF removal service on all types of vehicles. A DPF is a device fitted to the exhaust systems of modern diesel vehicles to meet European emissions standards. It works to reduce emissions by trapping soot from the exhaust gasses while letting the gasses themselves flow through the system.

If your DPF is severely damaged, you will either have to replace or remove the system. If you would like to delete your car’s DPF, Vasstechnik can help. Please note that our DPF removal service is intended for off-road vehicles only, as removing your vehicle’s DPF is likely to make it illegal for use on a public road.

Pops & Bangs

The modification experts at Vasstechnik can also carry out extensive pops and bangs tuning to help your car’s exhaust sound like a high-end supercar, adding a unique level of fun and character to your driving experience.

Pops and bangs tuning is a recalibration process within the ECU that involves the setup of a target misfire when the throttle is lifted. This means that, when decelerating or changing gears, your exhaust will start making incredible popping, cracking, and gurgling sounds rather than a decrease in noise. The intensity of these pops and crackles will vary depending on the exhaust temperature, becoming louder the more the car is used.

In addition to improving the sound of your car’s exhaust, pops and bangs tuning also has several performance advantages, including reducing or eliminating turbo lag in turbocharged cars.
If you are looking to turn heads with some truly incredible roaring exhaust sounds, our professional team will work with you to design and implement safe, stylish pops and bangs tuning file that suits your car, as well as your performance goals.

Hardware Modifications and Upgrades
At Vasstechnik, we specialise in carrying out a wide range of hardware modifications on all types of vehicles. From our fully equipped workshop, our experienced tuning consultants can carry out all types of servicing, maintenance, and changes, each carried out according to your specific requirements.

We have access to the latest dealer’s technical and servicing information, as well as the newest aftermarket high-performance parts from leading suppliers, allowing us to provide you with the best possible service and results.

Whether you need a simple DE-cat pipe or a full stainless-steel exhaust system, a panel filter or complete intercooler upgrade, our tuning specialists will provide you with a bespoke hardware modification service that helps you get the performance you need.

AdBlue Removal

AdBlue is a liquid chemical used in diesel vehicles to reduce NOx levels. As part of our tuning service, Vasstechnik offers an AdBlue delete service to disable your car’s AdBlue system electronically, and remove the associated dashboard lights and warning messages. This is normally completed by reprogramming your car’s engine management system; however, some vehicles may require the hardwiring of a small electrical unit into the vehicle.

Gearbox Update

Updating and improving gearbox software has the potential to improve the overall performance and driving experience dramatically. It allows quicker shift speeds, smoother gear changes, less clunking, better MPG, and more.

Instead of modifying the data, our team uses approved diagnostic tools to update the ECU calibration file to the latest software revision. We do this by connecting your vehicle to our equipment and using the diagnostic tool to check the current TCU software revision. If a newer version is available, we will download it directly from the manufacturers, and install and program it to your gearbox.

Swirl Flaps

Swirl flaps are small valves located in the inlet manifold on contemporary diesel and petrol engines and are designed to regulate the fuel-to-air ratio and generate better torque at low engine speeds.

Because of the faults that may arise from these flaps, and the effects these faults can have on other vehicle components, many car owners opt to have these swirl flaps removed.

At Vasstechnik, we can expertly remove swirl flaps on all types of vehicles. The removal process depends on the design, and may involve unbolting the manifold and physically removing the flaps, or disabling the electronic actuator and leaving the flaps in place.

DSG Tuning/Remapping

While the DSG gearbox is arguably one of the best gearboxes available on the market, it can be restrictive. As a result, we offer a custom DSG remap service designed to remove any restrictions and adjust the settings to suit performance-minded drivers. Our DSG tuning and remapping service can alter several parameters, including:
Torque Limiters.
Shift Speeds.
RPM Limits and Shift Set Points.
Launch Control.
Manual Mode.
Full Manual Mode.

Lambda Delete/02 Off

Through careful recalibration of the ECU data, our team can permanently disable the function of the second lambda sensor, allowing a decat pipe to be used without triggering an engine management light or fault code.

Speed Limiter Removal

Many vehicles have speed limiters installed, either at the factory or by a third party. By adjusting ECU data, our team can remove speed limiters from most vehicles. We can also apply or adjust speed limiters if necessary.

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