Tuning or re-mapping is often associated with increasing the power and torque of a vehicle for want-to-be racing drivers. This isn’t always the case, it can also improve fuel consumption, create smoother power delivery and even help in eradicating certain engine faults. We had an example of this recently when a customer came to us with an engine warning light displayed on the dashboard of their 2008 Volkswagen Touran. Using ODIS the fault was identified as an EGR  (exhaust gas recirculation) valve problem and it would have to be replaced. On this model, the  EGR valve includes a cooler which makes it a fairly large and costly component that bolts to the rear of the engine so replacing it would be time-consuming too. The alternative and vastly cheaper option would be to block the pipes to the EGR valve to prevent it from causing running issues,  essentially eliminating it from the vehicle. This process is legal and doesn’t impact the emissions when checked for the annual MOT test. The only issue is the engine light would remain on the dash and would be an MOT failure, that’s where the re-map comes in. Firstly we plug in a  computer to read the original file from the ECU of the vehicle, this is then transferred to our dealer portal with instructions on our requirements. In our case delete any error codes associated with the EGR valve thereby preventing the engine light from illuminating when the vehicle detects that it is faulty. Once the new file is sent through it is then loaded onto the computer and transferred back to the vehicle ECU. This process eliminated the problem quickly and easily and also saved the customer several hundred pounds in repair costs. 


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